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This week-ends show

It looks like we might get wet this weekend in Gahanna, but, that goes with the territory with outdoor shows. We are thinking about extra Jewelweed Salve for all of those concert goers with being down on Creekside. Mosquitos should be rampant! They Creekside Blues and Jazz Festival has a great line-up for all 3 stages. Of course music is abounding in Cols this weekend. If you don't like country, jazz or blues, I'm sure you will find your music somewhere. Selling quite a bit of Himalayan Soap right now also. It does work as a deodorizing bar. With these hot muggy days, it is worth every penny. Guess I better get busy, Charlie is packing the car. Hey I packed the soaps. Stay S,H and H. Everyone should know those letters by now, but just in case, I usually end every e-mail and all of my personal thoughts about individuals with stay safe, healthy and happy.

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