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Updated: May 2, 2020

People ask Charlie and I, well not people but friends really, about doing different things during the day. It seems they think that because we are retired we have loads of time on our hands. I think that was the case the first year of My Soaps. Now heading into our 5th year, that is not the case anymore. Charlie is making soap almost every day. I'm filling orders, wrapping soap, doing things like trying my hand at blogging and also trying to keep the house presentable, laundry and everything else that goes into living. We do carve out time during the nicer months to take a day and go golfing together, or lunch once in a while with friends and more importantly, going to baseball games and hockey games for grandsons, but that also is usually after everything is done for the business. This year is going to be no exception. We think we may have to expand outside of the house. That means actually going TO a business everyday. Not looking forward to that. BUT that also means that people are buying our soaps. AND THAT IS WHAT THIS IS ALL ABOUT!!!. We also now feel an obligation (and thank GOD every night for that) to making these soaps. They work. They got rid of someone's eczema or acne. The Poison Ivy rash cleared up, or they are not getting it anymore. They have Shingles, but not the itching or pain that usually accompanies that disease. Think about that. Charlie came up with a soap that does that!! Not looking forward to having to leave the house, but that also means we come back home feeling like a million bucks!!!!

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