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What Makes Our Soaps Different

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"Cold-Process" Method

My Soaps is not your craft shop melt and pour soap. My Soaps uses the “Cold-Process” method to create our natural handmade soaps. While most commercial soap companies extract the the glycerin and sell it to other companies, My Soaps leaves in the glycerin which is a naturally occurring byproduct of the Cold Process method. The result, a wonderful clean crisp feeling that is great for your skin.

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All Natural Ingredients

You will never have to guess the names of the ingredients in My Soaps. All of our all natural ingredients can be found in the product descriptions and on every label, of every product, that you receive. My Soaps uses only pure vegetable or fruit based oils with added herbs, spices, or natural pigments to color the soaps. The scents are created using only high quality essential and fragrance oils. Vitamin E is added to each batch as an additional skin nutrient. No chemicals, only pure, natural ingredients.

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One Batch at a Time

My Soaps are made one batch at a time using the base ingredients of pure lye, olive, coconut and castor oils. Each bar is then uniquely made with other oils, such as sweet almond oil or shea butter. The different colors are achieved through the different spices (turmeric, clove) or natural mica or pigment colorants. They are then cut and left to cure for 4-5 weeks.


Long Lasting

The 6 oz. bars of My Soaps can last much longer than most commercial bars if used correctly. For best results, the bar should be allowed to dry after each use. Allowing the soap to be left in a puddle of water like most soap dishes, will cause it to get soft and literally start melting.


Poison Ivy Soap

Our Poison Ivy Soap is one of our most requested soaps. There is nothing worse than having the rash of Poison Ivy. With our poison ivy soap that uses the natural combatant of Jewelweed, relief and prevention are possible.

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