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How it all got started

After retiring from a 27-year career as a Columbus Firefighter, Charlie was ready to relax and enjoy his woodworking shop. During his time at the firehouse, he was taking 3-4 showers a day, his skin was so dry.  His wife, Patti, brought home a bar of handmade soap from her consignment shop and put it in the shower. He was hooked after the first shower!


As a firehouse cook, he was intrigued with the process of making soap from scratch. He did some research and came up with great soap recipes that don’t use any chemicals!


After a few test runs, he put the soaps in Patti's consignment shop and the soaps sold out in the first month! My Soaps was hit right from the start.


Charlie enjoys mixing the different oils with spices and colorants to formulate a really good bar of all natural soap that has a heavy lather! 

all natural soaps



My Soaps on Out N About Columbus

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