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He is on the "little screen"

I can finally say I saw our soaps on TV.. You haven't yet, but, we got to go to Miami and film a segment for the series, Showcase Marketplace. It was a blast. To sit in the studio and watch as a commercial was made for something that you help make was a really weird feeling. Charlie did a stellar job. Elizabeth the shows host made us feel at home and after a few takes of "one of her longer intros", they got a dialog going and it was off to the races. Charlie tried to get his points across about melt and pours verses homemade soap and how his soap has no chemicals. You could tell that Elizabeth used the soap (we sent her down some samples to use for a month before we ever did the show) and liked it. Our Problem Skin soap rid her of her eczema on her legs. Hey we already knew it did stuff like that!! This particular show does not sell during the show. What it sells is your website. Hopefully the people who watch it will order the soaps straight from the website. It is going to be a challenge to make sure we keep everything shipping out as quickly as we like it to be shipped. We might actually have to open a warehouse here in Johnstown. Wouldn't that be exciting? Mind blowing but exciting. Is our dream going to come true? We can only keep our fingers crossed and hope that those of you out there that already use our soaps, keep yours crossed also.....

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