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We just made shaving easier!  This bar fits into the palm of your hand to make applying it so much easier. It has extra lather and clays to give you a close, smooth shave.  The oils, clays and oatmeal make moisturizing afterwards unnecessary and the bentonite clay makes the razor just glide.  The scent will send you to the beach, coconuts and sun.  This bar is 4 oz in size


 This soap is made of the saponified oils of: Olive, coconut, castor, palm, almond, vitamin E, bentonite clay, ground oatmeal and rose clay.




I like the scent of the shave bar, but don't care for the scratchy texture.  My very favorite scent is the rosemary lavender,  but also don't like the scratchy bits in it.  I always revert back to the no-no unscented.  It is just as nice to shave with, without the texture.  K.B.


I love my shave bar. It's a shave cream and moisturizer in one. I do not get razor burn or shaving bumps. I would never go back to shaving gel.  D.R.


I LOVE the shaving bar!!!  In fact I just ordered 3.  I've been cutting pieces off for my friends to try too!!  I love the smell and how smooth/moist my legs are afterwards. You made a great product!!  S.B.


I have not used it however my daughter LOVES it. She claims it is the smoothest shave she has ever had on her legs!! She does not endorse products often but she really does like and will continue to use the shave bar. I will order with my next order. Sorry to have missed you in Centerville over the 4th of July. Regards, D.J.


I've tried it once and I liked it.  I just wish there were more scents to choose from.  S.H.


"I posted the following on my Facebook because I was so impressed! I went to the Delaware Arts Festival Sunday. My sister stopped at this all natural soap and lotion booth. I really wasn't paying too much attention until I saw a blurb about rosacea. I was asking the owner about it and decided to try it and a ladies shaving soap. Haven't tried the rosacea soap yet, but I will never use or buy shaving cream again! You know those awful shaving bumps? None and my legs and underarms are SMOOTHE"........   (5/24/2017)


I’ve been shaving my legs for about 20 years. Safe to say I’ve tried ALL the shave gels, creams and lotions. I’d given in to a life of poor shaves and stinging legs. And then I stumbled upon your shaving soap. It’s THE best shaving product I’ve ever used. I’m a convert and if you ever stop making it, I’ll probably just give up on shaving all together 😂" . J.M. 8/16/2018


 I just purchased a variety of My Soaps at Hippie Fest in Logan, Ohio . I just used the ladies shave soap today and it was wonderful !! It exfoliates and lathers very well ! My skin feels so moisturized and smooth now . I’m excited to try the others I purchased . The best part is Johnstown is very close to where I live and I’m glad I could support a local business . Thank you so much ! A.C.

Ladies Shave

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