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Regular use of Himalayan natural salt skin products can help control many skin conditions such as dry or oily skin, eczema and acne. It will cleanse and renew your skin and has excellent exfoliating properties. It can also help relieve viral, bacterial and fungal skin infections.  This soap with the Himalayan Salt is free from chemicals and has 84 trace elements, some of them being magnesium, calcium, copper, iron and potassium  It is useful as a body deodorant and perfectly balances the chemistry of the human body and the skin’s pH factor.  With all the wonderful minerals in Himalayan salt the soap leaves your skin feeling fresh, smooth and healthy.  This salt bar also has a rich creamy lather. The Himalayan Salt Soap Bar is at least 6 oz.


This bar of Himalayan Salt Soap is made of saponified oils of:  Olive, Coconut, and Castor with Shea Butter, Himalayan Salt and Rose Clay which enhances the salts natural pink coloring. The scent of the soap is a light musk of sea breezes and sea grasses with another mysterious aroma that evokes desert nights.  Wonderful!

It is suggested that you use a washcloth or soap your hands to cleanse your face as the salt crystals may scratch your sensitive facial skin, but the rich full creamy lather makes it very easy to rub on and you still get the exfoliating properties.  Using the bar with the full lather also makes it wonderful for exfoliating and creaming the rest of your body especially your feet.  Use this soap as a deodorant.  Just washing with it works, but, if you still feel the need for deodorant, after drying off use the damp bar to rub under your arms.  Double protection if you feel you need it. 


This soap is fast becoming our biggest seller and is being made every 2 days. 


Some of our cutomers remarks:


"I have been using your soaps now for over a year and absolutely love them. I had a hard time finding a facial cleanser and have tried countless over the counter products. I have replaced my $36 a bottle of facial cleanser from my dermatologist with the $8 Himalayan Salt soap and I my skin is even better. My favorite scent is your Springtime soap. I wish you sold it year round."     B.M.  3/30/2019


.I love the salt oily t-zone nose still breaks out at almost 74 yes has helped a lot. J.K. 2/2019


I absolutely love the Himalayan salt bar! I bought one last year in October at the Sour Kraut festival and have used it every day since then! It makes my face so soft and I love how it feels and smells! And the bar has still not expired! I highly recommend this soap! Thank you for such a wonderful product!     S.C.  8/1/2017


"Bought a couple of the Himalayan salt bars at Waynesville Oh’s 2nd Saturday street fairs this past summer, am down to just the last chips of them and use after shower as deodorant, these are as wonderful as you claimed this summer. Thank you!!"  S.M. 1/2018


"We came across your booth at the Columbus Convention Center. I bought 2 Himalayan Salt bars and I love it! I'm dry brushing before each shower, then using the Himalayan Salt bar in the shower. No more itchy skin". `Kathy from Canal Winchester, OH"


"The Himalayan Pink Salt Soap has been life changing! I wash with it daily and use it as a deodorant. I used to have to wash my armpits and apply deodorant several times a day, especially when it was hot out. It was so embarrassing to always have to wear tank tops, even in the cold winter, for fear of smelling. Anytime I went somewhere I would panic if there wasn’t a restroom near by or a way to wash my armpits. I started carrying baby wipes around with me just in case and had deodorant stashed everywhere. I had used just about every kind of deodorant you can name. Natural, un natural, with aluminum, without aluminum, name brand or generic. It didn’t matter. I still stunk. Since I started using the Himalayan Salt Soap, I don’t stink anymore. It worked the very first time I used it and I haven't stopped. My children now also use it now as a natural deodorant. Thank you so much for creating this Soap! It has changed my life for the better." 

God bless!   A.S.   6/2018


 I first bought some My-Soaps a few years ago at the Cloud Productions Christmas in October Craft Show in Findlay, OH. I was somehow talked into buying one of the Himalayan Salt bars, being told that if I use it, I wouldn't have to wear deodorant anymore because of it changing my body's pH. I didn't believe it at the time, and it took me several months before I even tried it out, but I'm glad I did! I love the stuff! It helps so much with my stinky sweat while running long distances (I do still wear deodorant, but I wear it sparingly, and its all natural and pH balancing as well) and it's done wonders even for my acne prone skin! Every year I make the 8 hour journey to Findlay in the fall specifically to stop by My-Soaps' stand and buy more soap, not just the Himalayan but many of their other bars as well. And I love that when I run out, I can always buy more online!  B.W.  4/2020

Himalayan Salt Soap Bar

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