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So many agents in the air add problems to our skin.  This soap is amazing for eczema, acne, psoriasis, rosacea, or any dry skin problem. What’s in this soap?  Olive, coconut, sweet almond, avocado and flax seed oils, combined with aloe butter all brought together with neem oil, finishing with ground oatmeal, basil and French green clay.  It also has a heavy lather.Our customers have told us and our sales prove, that they will not be without this soap for their skin problems. The Problem Skin soap is 6 oz in size.


The ingredients of this soap are, saponified oils of: olive, coconut, castor, flax seed, almond, avocado, aloe butter, neem, Vitamin E, ground oatmeal, basil and french green clay  

Our customers love this soap:


One day in Uptown Westerville i went into a shop called Green Haven Living. I thought i would give problem skin a try. I have use and tried all lotions, prescriptions for my eczema and really dry skin. I felt a difference right away. My skin a so different now. You have out smarted all other’s in the soap business. Thank you,  K.B. 10/5/2022



Thank you so much! I bought some "problem skin" soap for my daughter at the Home and Garden Show this year. Her acne has been horrible since she was 10 and is 21 now. She has been on accutane twice and multiple other medicines, creams, and cleansers in between. She tried this soap and it cleared up the majority of her acne!!! We saw the soap and figured it was worth a try. I'm so happy I did! I'm happy with this soap and the confidence she's gotten back with clearer skin. I ordered two bars this time and I'm trying a couple other products. I'll definitely be recommending this soap to others! Thank you.  P.F.  6/2021


The Problem Skin Soap is fantastic! I had been dealing with a very bad facial for over 2 years seeing numerous dermatologists. I use this soap every day and if the rash even starts to flare up, I suds it up, apply to my rash, leave it on for about a half hour, and then rinse it off. That does the trick every time. No major flare up since using this soap for the past 2 years. My husband has facial adult acne outbreaks at least once a month. He started using this soap about 6 weeks ago and amazingly has had NO breakouts! We both swear by this soap and love the Rice Garden lotion also, especially for dry skin in the winter. I also give it as gifts at Christmas time as it is very moisturizing and not greasy! The owners are great people with excellent customer service skills also!   S.C.  (2019) user for 2 years now.  



Hi! I've been using the problem skin soap for about a week for my adult acne. It seems to be clearing up! That makes me so happy because I have been struggling to find something that isn't chemical based. I have a friend who has eczema but he is vegan and uses nothing with animal products. I know a lot of soaps are made with animal lard. Are yours?   The answer to her was no. Just pure oil. Only Poison Ivy is made with lard.  R.B.  2019


"I can't live with out My-Soap!! I got the problem skin at a show and it helps my whole families skin. I have had adult acne and I have tried everything and this stuff cleared it up so fast. A.C.  1/2018


"I wish I had taken pictures of my acne before I started using the problem skin soap. It took about a month of use to start seeing a change but I'm 3 months of using it and my skin is almost perfect."  R.B. 6/2018

Problem Skin

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