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Latest "Soap Box" Updates!

Good morning A short note to let everyone know that Sharon M. from Powell won the free soap from the Utica Ice Cream Festival. We don't always have the basket out at every show. Sometimes table room plays a part in this. There is just no room to put it out. If you want to put your e-mail in for a chance tell us. We always have the papers there, just not out. Also, it looks like the new website is ready for launching! Hopefully this coming week. It is absolutely wonderful. Randall, along with Casey from Equip Interactive have done a spectacular job! No more registering, no more crazy letter figuring out (if you have ordered from the previous website, you know what I am talking about), new graphics, new info and best of all blogging on the site. Now we can talk back and forth and answer any questions that arise or problems that you are having. Product Updates: Royal Kings is on the way out. 12 bars left. also, Springtime is not far behind. 35 bars of that are left. Starting this Thursday, June 4, the Easton Farmers Market starts. 4-7 every Thursday till the end of August. Great Market. If you have never been, you really should stop by. Remember the veggie valet. Buy your veggies and soap, then go shopping or go to dinner. Give the staff your stuff and they keep it cold for you while you shop or eat, then take your ticket back and go on your merry way. Only market in the country (they tell us) that has this service. That's it for now. Everyone stay safe, healthy and happy and as always, if you want off the list, just reply back. Until next time, Charles and Pat Kramer

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