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Latest email from My Soaps.

Good Morning, Great show last weekend in Cincinnati. Yes, it was hot and humid. Love being right on the banks of the Ohio river, but from a humidity standpoint, not so much. Made lots of new friends with the soaps and also with the Jewelweed Salve. Still getting those moments when people look at you with awe, when they put the salve on an itch or rash and it stops itching or goes away within seconds. We keep telling them,"Mother Nature in her glory with NO chemicals"! Poison Ivy season seems to be in full bloom also. We are keeping at least 100 bars in stock at all times. Remember the lather and Jewelweed-thats what cures it. Keep that lather on it. This weekend we will be in Delaware Ohio at the 42nd Delaware Arts Festival. Our tent is on the end of Winter St. Hours are Sat. May 16th from 10-6 and Sun. the 17th from 10-5. Hope to see you there. Next weekend Velvet Ice Cream Festival. Yum!!!! Everyone stay safe, healthy and happy! Charles and Pat Kramer Founders My Soaps, LLC

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