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I give up

Started everything as usual. Packaged up the 7 orders. Went to, put in all the info and OMG they raised their rates!!!! $1.55 a box. Now as you all know, we pride ourselves on our $2.00 shipping. Well we do that for you. Truth, we eat $3.25 on every small flat rate box we ship. That is our gift to you. Would you pay $6.00 for a bar of soap and then shipping of over $5.00? Didn't think so. I wouldn't! Well now, because we love you and we truly believe in our products and want the word out, we are going to eat $4.10 for every small flat rate. We did some shopping at at least if we ship by Stamps .com, it is a little cheaper. Oh well. Thats business. Oh buy the way, possibly going to be on national TV in April, selling our soaps (via our website). Look for an update on that little tidbit. Ok now on to taxes.........NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO................

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