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​Hi everyone Hope everyone else is enjoying the fall season as much as we are. I love the golf courses right now, (hard to find your ball sometimes) with all of the leaves changing colors and laying on the green grass. Thought about this after this weekend, because so many people asked about apple scents. We had decided to make our Apple Crisp a fall scent originally, then kept it on, but, decided this summer to make it fall only again. Of course by then most of the soap was gone and we did not make anymore so didn't have a bunch left over again. Of course, we did not anticipate the response. It is so hard to figure scents out. What we think are good, don't make it and other scents we don't like are big sellers (thinking of Lemon-grass which I am not a fan of). Guess thats business. If anyone is looking at this blog yet, do you have any ideas about scents? Just asking Nina, have you tried our Islander? It has the scent of the islands, which is coconut., also, our Christmas scent Candy Cane is naturally peppermint. We are actually looking into a scent for next year with citrus. Maybe we can combine them. Will let you know

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