top of page products have changed lives.  Here are comments from people who experienced these changes, and from those that just wanted to provide a testimonial on our products.  To submit your testimonial click here

I bought these soaps from the maker at a Home and Garden show. He taught me all about what to look for in a soap and what soap ingredients are good for babies (I had a six month old at the time). I bought a bar of the rainforest soap, and I mean it when I say this was the best bar of soap I had ever purchased. I used it to shave my legs, wash my hands, and wash my body. The bar lasted many, many months and most importantly it left my skin feeling very well-cared for. I just put in an order for six more bars, some to give away as gifts. I’m working very hard to find local and natural products to use for myself and my family, and I hit the jackpot here. It’s great knowing there are no chemicals or fragrances that I don’t know the names of. This stuff is the real deal.

Also, you know you’re finally an adult when you’re excited to leave a review about handmade soap But it’s true! This guy is great.     L.C. 10/2020

 Husband and I both are allergic to poison ivy and always get it on our land. We shower right after yard work and somehow end up with a rash still. We always forget to put Ivy Block on it seems. Found My Soaps at the home show in Columbus and bought 2 bars to try. I have used only the Jewelweed soap after yard work (at least twice I KNOW I had been exposed during mowing/weeding). NO RASH AT ALL! Just ordered 4 more bars so we always have one at the house this summer.  S.W.  5/21/2019

My family and I are in love with My Soaps! My daughter and nieces use all My Soap products- No No Soap, No No Lotion and Problem Skin Soap... they always smell so good and their skin stays very moisturized! Grandparents, aunts and uncles swear by it, too! My husband and I personally love the No No Lotion and the Lavender Rosemary soap! We are constantly washing our hands with a new baby and they were so dry, even cracked and bleeding. Once we made the switch to My Soaps soaps and lotion our hands are completely healed... and we still wash them one million+ times a day! With mosquito season upon us, we have also stocked up on the Jewelweed Salve!
Thank you so much for creating products that we can trust to use on our children. A product the entire family can use without fear of drying out or breaking out. We love knowing what all of the ingredients are, and we love knowing that they are high quality. We recommend it to everyone we know here in Indiana!   L.N.E.  4/2019

  • I love the salt oily t-zone nose still breaks out at almost 74 yes has helped a lot. The other fragrance Heavenly Shower is fantastic...I used it on my hair and I got the first compliment...Your hair smells good. Love it and it lasts for the day.  J.K.  2/1/2019

I have been using your soaps now for over a year and absolutely love them. I had a hard time finding a facial cleanser and have tried countless over the counter products. I have replaced my $36 a bottle of facial cleanser from my dermatologist with the $8 Himalayan Salt soap and I my skin is even better. My favorite scent is your Springtime soap. I wish you sold it year round.   B.M.  3/30/2019

"I wanted to let you know how much I am enjoying the lotion. I have bought your soaps for some time now, but this fall I bought the lotion to try and I just LOVE it. I sometimes add my essential oils to the lotion before applying and it works wonderful as a carrier for the oils.

Thanks so much for providing us with such a wonderful product. I honestly don't know what we (my family) would do without your soaps and now your lotion too."   J.J.  2/2019

Gotta give a shout out to My Soaps (Pat Kramer) for how well their Poison Ivy soap works to relieve itch/pain...Super fast!

I scratched all day , sewing, packing for my biggest show of the year out of town this weekend. I was saying, "man, a couple of fall mosquitoes got me good." On one of my errands, my eldest daughter noticed me scratching and pointed out I might have poison ivy. Yep, helped an elderly neighbor for a little bit in her yard the day before.

I had swelling on top of fingers, inside both wrists, and on top of feet. Per instructions, I washed and then rubbed the damp My Soaps poison ivy soap over all the affected areas and left it on to dry. No noticible residue...NO MORE ITCH. Now, a couple hours later, no redness or swelling.

I'm so glad I stocked up on this soap. Only had one bar left after sharing it with my family. Thanks for such a great soap! <3 My Soaps...You Rock!          B.K.  November 2018

 I bought your Poison Ivy soap at the Strawberry fest in Trotwood Ohio this year for my husband who is highly allergic.  My husband thought I was crazy at the time, until he got poison sumac on his arm about a week ago.  I made him use your soap right away and within a week it is just about gone and did not spread at all!  No Dr. visits and no shots!

He was truly amazed and so was I!  I would recommend this product to anyone and will!

Thanks again so much!    W.K. 8/14/2018

Your Patchouli soap is THE VERY BEST I have ever tried. I bought your soap at the Mill Stream Craft Show in Findlay, Ohio and I was hooked. It lathers up so well and it made my skin so soft. The scent was just right and I love it! I look forward to buying more at the Christmas in October show in Findlay!!! H.B. 8/29/2018"

I’ve been shaving my legs for about 20 years. Safe to say I’ve tried ALL the shave gels, creams and lotions. I’d given in to a life of poor shaves and stinging legs. And then I stumbled upon your shaving soap. It’s THE best shaving product I’ve ever used. I’m a convert and if you ever stop making it, I’ll probably just give up on shaving all together 😂" . J.M. 8/16/2018 .    Ladies Shaving Soap

    • "Thank you so much for this wonderful product! I purchased the Salve for the occasional sunburn, kitchen burn, and mosquito bite. But I was so glad I had this on hand when I got Shingles recently as it immediately took the burn and itch from my many rash spots as soon as I applied."   L.J.  6/2018    [Jewelweed Salve]

"I wish I had taken pictures of my acne before I started using the problem skin soap. It took about a month of use to start seeing a change but I'm 3 months of using it and my skin is almost perfect."  R.B. 6/2018

I had pulled weeds a few weeks ago and ended up covered in poison ivy. I had tried just about every type of treatment including steroids without much luck. On Friday I happened to see a Facebook post from our locally owed grocer that just started carrying your products. I made a trip there first thing Saturday morning to pick some of the Poison Ivy soap up to try it out. This soap is amazing!!! I had relief after one shower. I’m including a picture of my leg before and after two treatments with it.      T.M.T.   6/2018

"The Himalayan  Salt Soap has been life changing! I wash with it daily and use it as a deodorant. I used to have to wash my armpits and apply deodorant several times a day, especially when it was hot out. It was so embarrassing to always have to wear tank tops, even in the cold winter, for fear of smelling. Anytime I went somewhere I would panic if there wasn’t a restroom near by or a way to wash my armpits. I started carrying baby wipes around with me just in case and had deodorant stashed everywhere. I had used just about every kind of deodorant you can name. Natural, un natural, with aluminum, without aluminum, name brand or generic. It didn’t matter. I still stunk. Since I started using the Himalayan Salt Soap, I don’t stink anymore. It worked the very first time I used it and I haven't stopped. My children now also use it now as a natural deodorant. Thank you so much for creating this Soap! It has changed my life for the better." 

God bless!      A.S.   6/2016

    • I found the Best Soap Ever at the 2018 Strawberry Festival. At a booth called My Soaps I purchased a bar Heavenly Shower and fell in love with how smelled, lathered and made my skin feel. It is non-drying and non-irritating and leaves you smelling and feeling so clean. I bought one bar to try but will be purchasing all of my soap from My Soaps.  D.V.   6/2018

"I picked up a bottle of your Rice Garden Lotion at the Ice Cream Festival in Utica this year. I am a type 2 diabetic and have severe dry skin issues on my feet. You had told me that as I used this lotion, I would need it less. I admit I was skeptical, but you were right! The skin on my feet has not been this soft in YEARS. I put this on every morning after a shower (even though I do not always need to these days) and when I wake up the next morning, my skin is still super soft. I have spent a LOT of money on high dollar diabetic lotions and NONE of them can compare to your product and the results I am seeing. I have brought it in to work to share with my friends and given your website to everyone I know. You have made a customer for life. Thank you!"    K.A.  5/2018

  • I absolutely love the Himalayan salt bar! I bought one last year in October at the Sour Kraut festival and have used it every day since then! It makes my face so soft and I love how it feels and smells! And the bar has still not expired! I highly recommend this soap! Thank you for such a wonderful product!     S.C.  8/1/2017

My daughter and I bought some of your products on Saturday at SummerJam. I tried them and you were right... I had to buy more, not just for me but for my family. Thank you so much for making such a great product! S.W. 7/11/2017

My fiance and I had the pleasure of finding you at the Jazz Fest last month and I am so happy we did! I purchased the ladies shaving bar and Himalayan salt bar while my fiance got the mens shaving bar/fathers day kit. I can not express how amazing the products are! I don't think I will ever buy shaving cream again! The bars leave our skin soft and smooth, even with my sensitive skin I have no irritation! The owners were a pleasure to chat with and I can not wait to purchase more of their wonderful products!      C.  Gahanna      7/11/2017

 Love the poison ivy soap! My husband and 5 year old son fight poison ivy all summer and fall, the poison ivy soap has been the best thing I could have found this summer! It works wonders for them and so much better than any other over the counter wash, lotion or cream as well as the home remedies we've tried and we've tried a lot over the years. Thank you, I only wish I would have found it sooner!​      A.B.  7/27/2016

I have been using My Soaps for several years now... I don't buy shampoo anymore and I tell everyone how much I love My Soaps !   B.M.    7/11/2017

I purchased the ladies shave bar, the Himalayan salt bar after one use of both, I placed an order for more. My skin felt clean for the first time in 40yrs. I also use the Jewelweed salve on everything. Thank you so much!!! D.F-R. 7/9/2016

LOVE the Problem Skin soap!
My friend brought me a sample of her's into work (She got it from the Delaware Arts Festival) I have been using it consistently 2x a day - since she brought it to me... and I am seeing a clearing of my rosacea, Please stock it at my local Oakland Nursery in Delaware or tell me if you sell your products at another store near me. I am almost out of my sample...  A.S.   6/14/2017        We got everything set with her on her soap.  

    •  Thank you for making such great soaps! My sons' doctor had warned him he could not get poison ivy again! I was at the Findlay craft show and listened to the benefits of the poison ivy soap, and bought 1 bar. He sent me back this year and I bought 5 bars. He does not want to be out of it. I bought the Himalayan salt bar and have reordered more. My daughter-in-law loves the Problem skin bar, and my mother-in- law likes both. They're all winners with this family!    B.W.  6/16/2017   

LIFE CHANGING!! I use this on poison ivy, rashes, mosquito bites...any time I itch (and I don't have the discipline to NOT scratch!) I rub this on and within 2-3 minutes...sweet relief!! Can't wait to try the other products that I just purchased!!    K.S.  6/22/2017      Jewelweed Salve     

"Bought your poison ivy soap at the Strawberry festival today. Had poison ivy on my arm and the gentleman wet the soap for me there. It's already drying up nicely! Love it! Thanks so much!!!"        V.H.  Strawberry Festival 2017

I posted the following on my Facebook because I was so impressed! I went to the Delaware Arts Festival Sunday. My sister stopped at this all natural soap and lotion booth. I really wasn't paying too much attention until I saw a blurb about rosacea. I was asking the owner about it and decided to try it and a ladies shaving soap. Haven't tried the rosacea soap yet, but I will never use or buy shaving cream again! You know those awful shaving bumps? None and my legs and underarms are SMOOTHE..........T.P. Columbus

So glad that I stopped at your booth in New Richmond this past summer...I was curious about the Himalayan Salt Soap. Pat told me the difference it had made in her skin and face. As I am getting "up there" I decided to give it a try. Wow, I absolutely love it and can't imagine using anything else. The difference it has made in my skin is amazing. This is my second reorder. Not necessarily because I go through it fast (the bars last a really long time) but because I have given this as gifts to family and friends. Actually it was my "favorite thing" in my Girlfriends Christmas gift exchange! Wonderful product...will continue to order as will my family and friends! Thank you!!     1/13/2017



"I absolutely love this product! I will never go back to regular bar soap! Giving as Christmas gifts to show why I'm so hyped about this product! I'm so happy you talked me into trying it! :)"  12/6/2016



We went out of town over Thanksgiving and after four days of using hotel soaps I suffered a major flare-up of psoriasis. I couldn't wait to get home to my own shower and No-No Soap! My skin is improving and I will make sure to travel with my own soap from now on! Thank you for such a nice product.    12/2/2016


I bought a bar of the problem skin soap and it's MAGIC!! I have awful rosacea and this is the ONLY thing that works. I went to order and you're sold out. Do you know when you'll be back in stock, I need to order about 6 more bars. My husband took half of mine and he loves it!! Please let me know. Can't wait to get more!      10/19/2016  (We are usually in stock, I had not updated the website to show current levels.)


My daughter picked up the Himalayan Salt bar when you were at Powell this summer for me. I love it. I do not like using underarm deodorant -- Coconut Oil has been my choice, but I have to re-apply during the day a couple of times. I used the salt bar, until it was so tiny I couldn't use it any more- It is wonderful and I don't have the stinkies. I ran out and thought I would get to see you in Powell last month. But alas! I did not! Guess what -- the stinkies came back! I finally ordered it and a couple more bars, including Pinewood for my hubby. Quick return on my order and now I have my salt bar once again. Thank you so much - I will be ordering again -- and love the sample of the Christmas bar!    10/8/2016


 I have been using My Soaps for several years now & even had special batches made for me. I haven't bought shampoo in years... Wonderful products ! I'm always giving My Soaps products for gifts & most recently gave a Poison Ivy bar and a container of Jewelweed Salve to a coworker... Can't say enough good things about their products !!!    9/22/2016


My entire extended family loves your soaps! I've found that the Problem Skin Soap really helps eliminate flaky & red skin areas on my face. The Rice Garden Lotion is my absolute favorite one. Even though I have many other brands, this is the one I grab before bedtime to put on my dry skin. It's scent is light but wonderfully pleasant & relaxing! Thank you for making such great products."  9/21/2016 


Seattle WA

I bought your poison ivy soap at Gahanna Blues n Jazz Fest. It is amazing! I'm allergic to grass, mulch etc. This has helped calm my skin! I never want to be without it ever again.    7/2/2016


Bought your lavender & rosemary soap at the Ice Cream festival in Utica. Love it! Am purchasing the jewelweed salve as a customer in one of your reviews recommended it for shingles (for my father in law). Thanks!      7/3/2016


We have been using your soaps for about 3 years now and can't say enough good things about them! Love getting the samples with each order to try:)

I have friends who will only use organic & natural products so I have recommended them to try yours. They did, they loved them, & thanked me. 

Lotion is wonderful too:) 

You guys have a great thing with your great products! 

Happy Customers here, & would recommend your product to anyone!!     7/3/2016


Bought your Himalayan salt soap at the Cobra Show in London Ohio a couple of weekends ago and we love it. I was wondering if you had any quantity discount on your website. We would love to buy bars for several family and friends like maybe 10 or 12 and I was just wondering. Thanks    7/4/2016


My wonderful sister gave me this poison ivy soap of yours when I recently went to her house and was complaining about it itching me. I didn't use it right away, but wish I had! Your soap is wonderful!! It really helped stop the itch and it helped dry it up pretty darn quick. I normally get poison ivy pretty bad. This has made me less fearful about the next time I get poison ivy. I somehow always end up getting it. I'm still a little weary about trusting it 100% . I would love to be able to go into the woods or on a nature walk and not be able to enjoy it for fear of contacting poison ivy. But I know that it definitely will put my mind at ease that I will be able to handle it if I do. Thanks soooo much for this wonderful product! I recommend it to anyone who wants a product that actually works! It's worth every penny! I will make sure that I always have some on hand for future issues. Going to buy some problem skin soap for my niece over seas who has skin problems. I will let u know how that works once I get it!    7/5/2016


I used my first bar of soap that I bought at the Easton Market the first week it opened this spring and I love it..... Cant imagine using anything else........ also the bar for poison cleared up my poison almost immediately. What a great product.... thanks    6/28/2016     Her soap is the Himalayan Salt Soap


I met you a little over a week ago at the Gahanna Creekside Festival...long story short, I received 16 deer fly bites over the weekend and have been digging them open all day due to the intense itch, not as close to the intense wishing you could scratch down to the bone poison ivy itch, but way more Welty and itchy than a mosquito bite. I just tried the poison ivy soap, washed in cool water with the soap then applied a thin coating with the damp soap after... I have to say this soap is AMAZING!!! I have been digging these welts open all day and using alcohol swabs for relief. I followed the directions for the soap and I think it is the best thing ever! I will recommend this product to everyone I know!    6/28/2016


"My daughter and I bought your soap for the first time this weekend and I LOVE the soap I bought and look forward to getting more in the future. God Bless you and may he Bless your business." 


Newark, OH

"My husband and I visited your booth at the Flea Market this Summer & bought soaps there. We LOVE your soaps so much that I'm ordering more already!"   


"Wow!  What a surprise!  I'm so excited about winning!  Funny husband just got out of the shower and said he really loved the bar we are using now which is the Heavenly Shower and I said, "Well I just won the 2 free bars"!   I've noticed a difference already in my skin from using My Soaps, no dry skin.  I used to have to lather up with lotion after a shower.  Don't worry I will be posting a review soon!"    


Utica - Ice Cream Festival

"I just wanted to send you a quick note....I bought a bar of jewelweed soap at the Avant Garde show just this past month, and I had some kind of rash that I couldn't get rid of. I tried all kinds of things and it wouldn't go away. After buying your soap, I used it for 3 days and noticed a HUGE improvement! A little more than a week of use and my rash is gone! I am SOLD on this and have been telling all my friends about your soap. Thank you !! And I am a customer for life now."    


Cleveland Avant-Garde Show

"I was so excited to receive your email saying i won the drawing for two free soaps, my boyfriend and i have already started using the bars and soap holder we bought from you sunday at the Powell market. Honey and oatmeal is my favorite. The second one can be a surprise, I like them all so I can't decide which one I want for my second bar."   


Powell Street Fair

"My sister "rushed" an early Christmas present to me today - a bar of your poison ivy soap!! I seem to get poison ivy real easily - and after cutting down our own Christmas tree  I have begun to develop the telltale rash on my face... real great for looking good during the holidays since it is a significant amount on my left cheek/temple/chin. Since my sister knows I do a lot of yard work and usually end up with several cases a year, she bought a bar of the special soap from you to give to me for Christmas. I am glad she lives close to me, so I can use it as an early gift :). I will keep you posted as to how it helps me.... thank you for making this natural remedy !!"   



"Dear Charlie and Pat - I am so glad I am on your e-mail list! I wrote to you right before Christmas telling you of the huge case of poison ivy I got from cutting/hauling our Christmas tree.- My sister gave me a bar of your poison ivy soap as an early Christmas present. I just thought I'd update you on how your soap really helped! 1/2 of my face was swelled with itchy red oozie-blisters. (real pretty-huh) as well as both my wrists/hands and forearms. Since my one eye was swelled shut, I thought I better see our doctor. She put me on a steroid to help the swelling. However, to control the itching and ultimately get rid of the oils, your soap worked wonders!!! At times the itching was so bad, I would just dampen the soap bar and glide it all over the rash and blisters. I would let it dry and be itch-free for quite a long time. When I would start itching again, I'd just repeat. No other topical product was used. In about a week all was under control and mostly healed. I want to thank you so much for developing this poison ivy product... it sure helped get me through the holidays! I hope to see you at one of your 'shows' "   



"I have a friend leaving for Costa Rica on Saturday for a missions trip, but she is miserable with poison ivy (even with prednisone, Benadryl, etc.). I was wondering if there was any way I could get ahold of your poison ivy products on Thursday or Friday to give her, and hopefully give her some relief."     


New Albany

"The poison ivy soap I got from you last week at Easton works wonderfully!  I could see a difference after the first use!  I'm almost completely spot free now!  Good stuff I'm amazed  Thank you, I already told my kids and their friends if you ever get any kind of poison ivy/oak or bug bites that itch I've got the best stuff for you to use haha! C U Next Year! Oh and I'm start using the lavender soap this weekend, we'll see if I can stay awake lol."


Easton Farmers Market

"My name is M we met at the festival on 05/09/2014. I just wanted to let you know that the Problem Soap has truly done everything you stated it would. I can already fell my skin healing, its getting smoother it seems week by week. I love the soap so much I've ordered 10 bars because I'm scared that it wont be available.. Its been so hard find and trusting a new soap. THANK YOU SO MUCH. I can only imagine what it will look like in the next couple months. Thank you again."



Used yur poison ivy soap cuz my outside cat got into poison ivy, I didn't know it, it got on me and I started itching. I washed my hands and arms and the itching stopped within a few minutes! Excellent soap!!! :-)    6/16/2015

Steve K.

No one gets an order out as fast as you do!!!  I just want you to know that your  products & customer service can't be beat - please don't ever change!!!  I hope your business is booming because you definitely are the best!!!    7/6/2015



Bought your soap at the earth day gathering when I was 9 months pregnant! Had a big flower painting on my belly & was wearing a jingly, belly dancing gypsy skirt! :) just wanted to say, this soap has changed my life!!! I have been wanting to dread my hair for YEARS but never had the right stuff to do it... Your soap is heaven sent! It is perfect to help grow organic dreads ! It's all I need for a shower, for body wash & shampoo! Plus, it smells absolutely amazing!! For only 8 bucks!!! You're not only saving me money but also helping to make a lifelong dream come true! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for making this magical bar of soap & for convincing me to buy it that day! I'm a lifelong customer :) much love, peace & blessings!!!     (Cailey uses our Himalayan Salt Soap)


Chillicothe OH

Bought jewelweed salve and poison ivy bar and peaches & cream soap bar at Yellow Springs Street Fair. Salve makes our bug bites itch go away instantly and no more welts from bug bites. Poison ivy bar works great before going out in the garden and washing up afterwards. My daugther has tried many soap bars on her hair and yours are the best peaches & cream is her favorite. Sharing your website with my friends & family to order. Thank you!    7/14/2015



I am so pleased with my No-No lotion and the Pirate Bay soap that I purchased while visiting the Kramer's booth at the Y-Bridge Arts Festival. Both products are amazing! The Kramer's were wonderful and i appreciated all of the information they provided me and their patience with my numerous questions. Thank you both so much.   8/10



I LOVE your products !...Just ordered 2 more bars of your Himalayan Pink Salt soap. I have been using it for several years as you know (we've spoken on the phone before)and I tell everyone how much I love it. I haven't bought shampoo since I started using your soaps. 

My question is, when will you be bringing back Royal Kings ? I was going to get more at the end of the season last year but didn't. I have one bar left.

Love the new look of your site.    August 2015

Barbara M

I have some of your poison ivy soap. After a few hours of itching last night (not poison ivy) I got out of bed and applied some of your soap.  (I tried anti-itch cream before going to bed.)  It was like magic, finally got some sleep.  Thank you!!! Would be interested in what craft shows you might be attending in the future.     9/9/2015


I'm in love...with your No No Soap. I've been looking for a bar of soap that would moisturize AND which would also work on my scalp. I've always had dandruff (and eczema and psoriasis) and my skin has always been super fragile. Soaps irritate it and nothing seemed to work. Well, I started to use this on my hair, and like a miracle - my scalp finally calmed down. I've been completely free of dandruff and my scalp looks normal. I suspect the oils in the soap have helped my scalp finally get the moisture it needs. Thank you for such a great product. I'd picked up a bar of soap years ago when I visited my best friend - my only regret - why on earth didn't I try it sooner. I now have a 2nd bar and a spare...and am now an addict for life.       9/10/2015


Hi, I'm XXX , the one that loved the lotion and my husband bought one soap bar from you. (From Argentina and Venezuela)

We tried it and we are amazed about the fragrance and the quality of your soap.

It keeps smelling for hours.

I regret not having bought more, but we are ordering online for sure.

I wanted to congratulate you for your business and product and your kindness as a couple . Very special people.

I truly love natural products and even more coming from a small business .

Thank you.       2015


Columbus Oktoberfest

We received our package super fast! Thank you!! We are very excited to use your soap and lotion.

I already put it on as soon as we got it.

It was a perfect idea to include two samples of other soaps.... It's hard to choose without knowing the smell.

Great business. Great people      10/21/2015  



We first tried your soaps about 3 yrs ago after buying some from you at a street fair in Wilmington. Ever since then your soaps are the only ones we use- we are hooked! I tried your Problem Skin soap to use on my face which suffers from dry patches that nothing seemed to help. Guess what? As long as I use it regularly, no more problems with my extra sensitive skin! Thank you for becoming a well-loved part of our family in Seattle!    10/25/2015


 Seattle Washington

I used to order from a different company, also natural like yours, but I have been so impressed with your soaps and lotion that I only order from you now. I hope you never stop making these wonderful, natural products! They're the only thing that works for my easily-irritable skin.I remember when I first met you guys at the Easton market this summer. I think it was your husband that waved me over to your tent and started telling me about your natural materials, process, etc. I loved the sound of it and you've made a loyal customer out of me ever since!

Thank you guys for what you do. There is so much junk out there these days that it's hard to find natural and affordable products that work with our skin instead of further drying and irritating it.      1/2016 


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Thank you so much! I bought some "problem skin" soap for my daughter at the Home and Garden Show this year. Her acne has been horrible since she was 10 and is 21 now. She has been on accutane twice and multiple other medicines, creams, and cleansers in between. She tried this soap and it cleared up the majority of her acne!!! We saw the soap and figured it was worth a try. I'm so happy I did! I'm happy with this soap and the confidence she's gotten back with clearer skin. I ordered two bars this time and I'm trying a couple other products. I'll definitely be recommending this soap to others! Thank you.  P.F.  6/2021

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