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Jewlweed Soaps & Salves

Thank you for responding to my inquiry about the shelf life of your poison ivy soap. I just ordered five bars this morning, and I see that they already shipped. Thank you! While on a mission trip last week to help with disaster relief in Kentucky, I seemed to have unknowingly immersed myself in poison ivy while clearing downed trees. Unfortunately, I didn't realize it until the rash appeared after I got home. By the looks of me, I wallowed in it! Fortunately, I had a bar of your soap at home. Making a paste of the soap has helped with the itch and has helped to begin drying the rash. The next time I go on a trip, your soap will always be with me. I will use it every day when helping to clear trees and debris. If you ever retire, I would be grateful if you would share with me your recipe and knowledge of how to make the poison ivy soap.

"I had pulled weeds a few weeks ago and ended up covered in poison ivy. I had tried just about every type of treatment including steroids without much luck. On Friday I happened to see a Facebook post from our locally owed grocer that just started carrying your products. I made a trip there first thing Saturday morning to pick some of the Poison Ivy soap up to try it out. This soap is amazing!!! I had relief after one shower. I’m including a picture of my leg before and after two treatments with it."   


My Soaps -Gotta give a shout out to My Soaps (Pat Kramer) for how well their Poison Ivy soap works to relieve itch/pain...Super fast!I scratched all day , sewing, packing for my biggest show of the year out of town this weekend. I was saying, "man, a couple of fall mosquitoes got me good." On one of my errands, my eldest daughter noticed me scratching and pointed out I might have poison ivy. Yep, helped an elderly neighbor for a little bit in her yard the day before. I had swelling on top of fingers, inside both wrists, and on top of feet. Per instructions, I washed and then rubbed the damp My Soaps poison ivy soap over all the affected areas and left it on to dry. No noticible residue...NO MORE ITCH. Now, a couple hours later, no redness or swelling. I'm so glad I stocked up on this soap. Only had one bar left after sharing it with my family. Thanks for such a great soap! My Soaps...You Rock!


"Bought your poison ivy soap at the Strawberry festival today. Had poison ivy on my arm and the gentleman wet the soap for me there. It's already drying up nicely! Love it! Thanks so much!!!"   

I never write reviews about products but I am on this. As a kid I could roll in poison ivy but a few years ago I got poison ivy so bad I had to get oral prednisone, steroid cream and a shot. I had used a different soap but didn't do as good. Then I Googled and found this and it has been a life saver. It literally started drying it up after the first use. I will never buy any other soap and the jewelweed is awesome for poison ivy too! Thank you for creating something so natural and that actually works!!  


I am very grateful for your soaps especially the poison ivy soap. Every Monday is my pull out poison ivy day (we have a lot of it ). I always cover up really well and wear goggles. Twice I have been struck in the face by poison ivy vines and yes I am allergic to it. Nevertheless, I always shower afterward using your poison ivy soap. Even after being hit in the face with the vines I have not gotten the rash thanks to your soap. Thank you sooo much!!! I believe it works so well that I have often ordered the soap and handed it out to friends who need it. Again THANK YOU!! 9/8/2021. L.M. products are the best! I am severely allergic to any ivy. I bought the poison ivy bar from you two years ago & 💖 it. Best cure for poison ivy, EVER! I have the No No Lotion & other soaps too. All your products are great! Thank you. ❤❤

I’m not one to write reviews, but 3-4 years ago we stopped at your booth at the Hilliard Davidson Holiday Craft Fair and was intrigued by your Poison Ivy Soap, and a bit skeptical. We decided to give it a try as my wife has extreme reactions to poison ivy and bug bites. Well, after a good long hike in the woods, she was exposed and it didn’t take long to appear. We immediately thought of the Poison Ivy soap bar. We followed the instructions and she got IMMEDIATE relief and through regular use greatly reduced the recovery period. She was ecstatic and an instant believer! We always pack it for vacation and have used it for bug bites, stings and even sunburn relief. The bar has lasted a very long time! We wanted to thank you for creating high quality products that well surpass the vanity brands at a much lower price. To any skeptics reading this, give the soap a try, you won’t be disappointed!! 


I was in contact with poison ivy about a week ago and have never had it. I got the rash really bad on my forearms. Suffering with the constant itch. A friend of mine said go to My-Soaps and get the poison ivy soap! I just got it today a day earlier than I thought. Just wash my arms then rubbed the damp bar on the areas. INSTANT RELIEF! Literally instant!!! I’m sold!!! Thanks you My Soaps!!!!!!!!!!!!! 


 Husband and I both are allergic to poison ivy and always get it on our land. We shower right after yard work and somehow end up with a rash still. We always forget to put Ivy Block on it seems. Found My Soaps at the home show in Columbus and bought 2 bars to try. I have used only the Jewel weed soap after yard work (at least twice I KNOW I had been exposed during mowing/weeding). NO RASH AT ALL! Just ordered 4 more bars so we always have one at the house this summer.  

I bought your Poison Ivy soap at the Strawberry fest in Troy Ohio this year for my husband who is highly allergic. My husband thought I was crazy at the time, until he got poison sumac on his arm about a week ago. I made him use your soap right away and within a week it is just about gone and did not spread at all! No Dr. visits and no shots!He was truly amazed and so was I! I would recommend this product to anyone and will! Thanks again so much!   


Love the poison ivy soap! My husband and 5 year old son fight poison ivy all summer and fall, the poison ivy soap has been the best thing I could have found this summer! It works wonders for them and so much better than any other over the counter wash, lotion or cream as well as the home remedies we've tried and we've tried a lot over the years. Thank you, I only wish I would have found it sooner!​  


 Thank you for making such great soaps! My sons' doctor had warned him he could not get poison ivy again! I was at the Findlay craft show and listened to the benefits of the poison ivy soap, and bought 1 bar. He sent me back this year and I bought 5 bars. He does not want to be out of it. I bought the Himalayan salt bar and have reordered more. My daughter-in-law loves the Problem skin bar, and my mother-in- law likes both. They're all winners with this family! 




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