Deep in the jungle – moss, grass, vines, wood, what exactly is that smell? Nettle leaf colors this soap.  This heavy lather soap is also good for washing your hair.

This 6 oz. bar contains saponified oils of: olive, coconut, castor, palm, vitamin E and nettle leaf.


What people say about our soaps and in particular Rainforest:


I bought these soaps from the maker at a Home and Garden show. He taught me all about what to look for in a soap and what soap ingredients are good for babies (I had a six month old at the time). I bought a bar of the rainforest soap, and I mean it when I say this was the best bar of soap I had ever purchased. I used it to shave my legs, wash my hands, and wash my body. The bar lasted many, many months and most importantly it left my skin feeling very well-cared for. I just put in an order for six more bars, some to give away as gifts. I’m working very hard to find local and natural products to use for myself and my family, and I hit the jackpot here. It’s great knowing there are no chemicals or fragrances that I don’t know the names of. This stuff is the real deal.

Also, you know you’re finally an adult when you’re excited to leave a review about handmade soap But it’s true! This guy is great. L.C. 10/2020


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