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This salve made with Jewelweed will take the "itch" out of mosquito bites, bee stings, flea bites, spider bites or almost any insect bite.  Any skin irritation will benefit from this salve.  We have quite a few customers who use this salve on Shingles.  It takes the burning and itching from the sores.  It also takes the "burn" from sunburns and kitchen burns.  Olive Oil and aloe vera oil, beeswax, lavender and sweet orange essential oil are added to this salve.   Remember this salve will take the "itch" but will not get rid of the poison ivy rash.  It is OIL based, so DO NOT USE this on open poison ivy, oak or sumac rashes.


5 STAR - Review by   Jennifer Adams  (Posted on Saturday 17 November, 2012)I bought this salve after been eaten alive by bugs all summer. Works almost instantly to remove the itch. My husband used it on his poison ivy and it worked like a charm!


    • "Thank you so much for this wonderful product! I purchased the Salve for the occasional sunburn, kitchen burn, and mosquito bite. But I was so glad I had this on hand when I got Shingles recently as it immediately took the burn and itch from my many rash spots as soon as I applied."    L.J.  6/2018
    • "I absolutely LOVE your jewelweed salve! I'm an Emergency Department nurse and have told so many patients about your product!! I will continue to speak highly of the BEST skin irritant solution I have EVER come across!! Thank you always!" H.H. 3/2020

Jewelweed Salve

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