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About Our Company

What Can We Do For You?

After retiring from a 27-year career as a Columbus Firefighter, I was ready to enjoy my woodworking shop. Then my wife brought home a bar of homemade soap she had bought and put it in the shower. I was hooked! I couldn’t believe that I actually noticed what I was washing with. But after years of sometimes 3-4 showers a day, my skin was finally rebelling. Being a firehouse cook, I was intrigued with the whole process of making soap from scratch. I figured that after some research, I could do this my way and come up with a really good recipe that would not have any chemicals in it. After a few test runs, I put the soaps in my wife's gift shop to see what would happen. The soaps sold out in the first month, so, My Soaps was started. I enjoy mixing the different oils with spices and colorants to formulate a really good bar of all natural soap. I really like the way they lather and use them, along with my wife for washing our hair as well as the rest of us. I enjoy coming up with new scents and colors and I hope you enjoy them too!

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